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Hello World! My name is Susan Winters, and I live in Dallas, Texas. I founded Cyber Media Studio in 2023. My focus is on optimizing SEO for both small businesses and corporate brands. I specialize in strategies that boost online visibility and drive traffic, whether it’s for local shops or large-scale enterprises. Additionally, I enjoy sharing insights and expertise on a range of topics, from coding to digital marketing, helping others navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online success.

My knack for keeping websites on Google’s first page for over 15 years in a fiercely competitive market laid the groundwork for my SEO prowess.

Susan Winters - owner of Cyber Media Studio

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Susan Winters met Matt Cutts from Google while attending SMX
Susan Winters is NOT a robot but met one at SMX
Susan Winters visits Google complex

My formal education was in Computer Systems / Information Technology where I specialized in Website Development. Having been a professional web developer many years and having evolved with the industry to stay on top of the newest tools and options, I chose to specialize in Front End Website Development with a concentration on technical SEO for small businesses. Being able to add in SEO during the web design phase offers an immense amount of value for clients needing to rank high in search results.

– Susan Winters

SEO Professional

Susan often travels to attend SMX and SEO conferences where she obtains training from top SEO professionals including several Google employees including Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan and Gary Illyes.

Favorite websites: AI Tool Directory, Search Engine Land, Semrush Academy, Ahref, and MOZ

My little side projects: AI Robot with Laptop, My Little Unicorn Journal, Horse Notebook, and Home Watch Business Journal – all sold on Amazon

Susan Winters at Google lobby

“I love what I do and would love to help you create your next website and get it ranking on the first page of Google. I am based out of Dallas, Texas but since all work is performed “in the cloud”, I can work for anyone from anywhere that provides an internet connection. I have a network of other website developers and graphic designers that I work with to build websites for many small businesses.”


Google Certification - IT Fundamentals - presented to Susan Winters
Google Certification - UX Design - presented to Susan Winters

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“Susan did an outstanding job of pulling together the web content and making sure our site was structured so that it ranked high in SEO.”

vice president of marketing

Ali Isham
VP Marketing

“Susan is a very quick learner and dedicated worker. She has significantly raised the Search Engine Optimization score on our websites.”

chief marketing officer

Beth Somplatsky-Martori


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