Social Media Content Calendar Apps

social media content calendar planner

When you own and operate a small business, you don’t have a lot of time to post on social media – so why not use an app for that? There are numerous options available out there that you can use for scheduling your social media posts and I have gathered a list of those apps to choose from. A few of these offer a free version to get you started and then you can upgrade as your company and needs grow. I have limited the list to only those that cost $30/month or less.

Content Calendar for Social Media Platforms (Free 15 posts/mo; 1 social account, $7/mo 3 accounts) (Free 15 posts/mo; 2 different accounts.) ($10/mo – up to 10 social accounts) ($10/mo – up to 10 social accounts) (Free, $11/mo, $22/mo) ($29/mo – up to 5 social accounts) ($29/mo – up to 6 social accounts – unlimited posts) ($29.99/mo – up to 5 social accounts – unlimited posts) ($30/mo)

Canva’s Content Planner

If you use Canva and have the Pro edition, the you can use their Content Planner.