SEO Impact of Broken Links on Your Website

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Having broken hyperlinks on your website can negatively impact SEO, although it may not directly result in Google completely not ranking your website. Here’s how broken links can affect SEO:

User Experience

Broken links can lead to a poor user experience. When visitors encounter broken links, they may become frustrated, lose trust in your website, and leave, resulting in higher bounce rates. Google takes user experience into account when determining search rankings, so a high bounce rate can signal to search engines that your website may not be providing valuable or relevant content.

Crawling and Indexing

Search engine bots crawl websites to discover and index their content. When they encounter broken links, it can disrupt the crawling process, preventing some pages from being indexed. If important pages are not indexed, they may not appear in search results, impacting the visibility of your website.

Link Juice and Page Authority

Broken links can also affect the flow of “link juice” or the authority passed from one page to another through hyperlinks. When a link is broken, it interrupts the flow of link juice, potentially diminishing the authority of linked pages. This can impact the overall ranking potential of your website.


If you have external websites linking to your site but those links are broken, it can harm your backlink profile. Broken backlinks not only provide a poor user experience for visitors clicking on them but can also result in lost referral traffic and potential ranking opportunities.

While broken links can have negative consequences for SEO, it’s important to note that having a few isolated broken links is unlikely to severely impact your entire website’s rankings. However, if broken links become widespread or if they are affecting important pages, it can have a more significant impact on SEO. Regularly monitoring and fixing broken links is considered good website maintenance and can help improve user experience and maintain a healthy SEO profile.

Check Your Website for Broken Links

There are many websites that you can use that will let you run a free report on your website and find all of the broken links for you. As soon as you find a broken link, you need to have your Website Designer fix these broken links ASAP!
Here is a list of websites that provide a free broken links report:

In conclusion, the presence of broken links on your website is more than a minor inconvenience; it’s a significant barrier to delivering an optimal user experience, maintaining a robust SEO ranking, and ensuring the smooth crawling and indexing of your site by search engines. From disrupting the user journey to diluting page authority and compromising your backlink strategy, the repercussions of neglected broken links can ripple through your website’s performance in search results. Prioritizing regular audits for broken links and promptly addressing any issues is not just good practice—it’s a crucial strategy for safeguarding your website’s credibility, enhancing user engagement, and bolstering your SEO efforts. Leveraging tools that offer comprehensive broken link checks can simplify this process, making it easier to identify and rectify broken links, thus maintaining the health and competitiveness of your digital presence. Remember, in the dynamic landscape of SEO, attention to detail and proactive maintenance can make all the difference in achieving and sustaining top search engine rankings.

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